Short Description

TechZing is a podcast about tech and startups that I co-host with Justin Vincent, a fellow coder, entreprenuer, freelancer and opinionator. We generally record two episodes per week: a weekday interview show and a weekend discussion show. Both shows tend to run about ninety minutes in length and follow no particular format. We've been doing the podcast since June of 2009 and have been steadily growing an audience ever since.

Oh, and just to clear things up in advance, Justin is the guy with the fake English accent. Or, at least I think it sounds fake. ;)


Interview Shows

On the interview show we try to bring on guests who've either built or written something interesting that's related to tech. For example, we've had on people like Gabriel Weinberg, angel investor and founder of the search engine DuckDuckGo, Derek Sivers, founder of CDBaby, and tech columnist and pundit, John C. Dvorak. While our primary criteria for inviting on a guest is just whether or not we're exited at the prospect of speaking with them, we also try to find people who haven't been interviewed recently or at all.

We're also willing to take a flyer every once in a while and do something that's outside our wheelhouse such as our X-File series that began with an interview of UFO historian, Richard Dolan. While it can be risky to cover topics like that, it's fun to shake things up every once in a while and just have some fun. Plus, to our surprise a number of our listeners found it to be their favorite episode of all time.


Discussion Shows

On the discussion show, Justin and I discuss a random selection of topics, the bulk of which tend to be sourced from Hacker News or coder.io, but we also spend some time on the status of our respective projects so that our listeners can share in our experiences and learn some lessons along with us. We occasionally experiment with various segments like La Critique, Get to Know a Listener and Quote of the Week, but we're fairly undisciplined so there's no telling what's going to happen on any given episode.